Windows Explorer Shortcuts, Unknown Features

Windows File Explorer unknown Things tricks working tips. Unknown features of Windows file explorer. You must know about all these things about the explorer. Working as a phone file manager. first explored created in this world. Check out windows file explorer capable of many of these things to correct. Windows operating system providing an inbuilt option with File explorer, its capacity will launch main capacity services. These Unknown things surely worked for you. Here know about Hidden settings, file explorer, Windows file explorer settings.

Windows Explorer Shortcuts, Windows7,8,10

These shortcuts for Windows file explorer fasten workflow, can get the best additional discover those hidden things. Open Windows explorer using these simple short cut keys. First of all, know about the working method of Explorer. We use many apps on the PC. chrome, Mozilla, notepad, device, Music apps, amazon prime like many apps available. To use at the correct time, you should know about working methodology easy way. Hidden things can get the best by using all tips. Opening, closing windows shortcuts provided.

Question and Answer Sessions.

How to open Windows Explorer with Shortcut? what is Windows Shortcut?

Answer: You can open windows explorer window using the short cut ” Windows Key+ E” icon. it surely works in Windows 7, 8, 10 Operating systems. to save lots of time, you can use these all tips.

How to Operate Windows Explorer by Keyboard only? Move, forward options.
To adjust, create new folders, view folders very easy to create all these things on time. windows explorer keyboard shortcuts working for you. Move, Forward, copy, delete. Switching to the parent folder in that hierarchy the keyboard shortcut is ALT+UP+ARROW UP for move Forward and the same like ALT+UP+ARROW Down for a move below, forward down options. you can check Alt+P for toggling preview pane. many shortcuts are there. to want to see more details of a particular folder. For opening the properties of the selected folder or selected subject shortcut is Alt+ENTER works for you. Rename folder, change the name in detail by F2 Shortcuts.

More Shortcut here:

Windows+E – Open a File Explorer window. This works anywhere in Windows 10.
Ctrl+N – Open a new File Explorer window. This only works in File Explorer itself.
Ctrl+W – Close the current File Explorer window.
Ctrl+Mousewheel Up or Down – Change the size of files and folder icons (zoom in or out.)
Ctrl+Shift+N – Create a new folder
Backspace or Alt+Left arrow – View the previous folder (go back.)
Alt+Right arrow – View the next folder (go forward.)
Alt+Up arrow – View the folder the current folder is in.
Ctrl+F, Ctrl+E, or F3 – Focus the Search box so you can quickly start typing a search.
Ctrl+L, Alt+D, or F4 – Focus the address (location) bar so you can quickly start typing a folder address.
F11 – Maximize the File Explorer window. Press F11 again to shrink the window. This works in web browsers, too.

Shortcuts Credits: How to Geek

Why Windows file explorer is best? explore/Describe more here.

Unlike Other file manager apps, it works perfectly in all terms. Moving files one folder to another file without any specific perform task. Just moving with Keyboard shortcuts and mouse clicks. You can move files via the top address bar. Move files from the child folder to the parent folder just by dragging the selected files to the parent folder name in the address bar. Regular basic cut, copy, move and paste works perfect with these trick.

Hide Files/ Send Private Location by Explorer:

To move private location easy way.send to option where it will show the extra option to send the folder to specific folders. Where you don’t find them while you press sends without selecting the file using shift button. Check out more location settings, Folder that you wish to send and its context menu, Navigate to the send to option easy move forward options available.

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