The Vedic Competitive Edge for your child

What on earth has an ancient Indian Vedic sutra got to do with your high school kid struggling with math? Quite a lot, according to The Vedic Math Forum India. Okay, we all know that zero was invented in India, and Ramanujan was a brilliant mathematician who knew infinity. Even the numbers used today, called Arabic numerals, are also actually Indian. And that they were using the decimal system back 5000 years in the Indus Valley Civilization Days.

So we know India has a distinguished history in mathematics. But that’s all ancient history. Or is it? The Vedic Math Forum India based in India thinks otherwise and they have solid proof to back their claim.

They say that any mathematical problem no matter how difficult it is can be solved faster and easily with the system used by ancient Indians called the High Speed Vedic Mathematics. These ancient techniques are absolutely applicable in the modern day curricula and they increase the skills and performance of a student over 1500%.

Sounds Unbelievable, Read on. Here’s a quick example of a Vedic Math Technique: 62 x 68 = ? It is quite simple since both digits start from 6, so you take 6 and multiply with the next number 7 which gives you= 42 , the first part of the answer and take 2 and multiply by 8 which gives you 16,so the final answer is 4216.

How much time did that take?

No wonder this is the World’s Fastest Mental Math System! These methods were lost over the span of time and were rediscovered by the Sankaracharya Swami Bharti Krishna in 1918. He wrote a book where his ideas were published which created a revolution in mathematics. He then toured the USA universities and colleges in 1958 teaching his system. Some computer programming language which were founded around the same time, give their credit to this very system. Even NASA uses these methods in Artificial Intelligence and Microsoft’s engineers are taught a compulsory course in this very subject.

A big part of this method is learning the recognition of patterns in numbers , letters or pictures. Once the student has learnt efficiently how to find symmetry and pattern of numbers or objects, learning mathematics becomes fun and simple!

Take for example the Vertically and Crosswise Pattern which focuses on two patterns the vertical which is a straight line and the cross to solve multiplications mentally. You can actually solve a 7 digit timesa 7 digit in less than 2 minutes and mentally using this Pattern.Children love it.

Any teenager can learn Vedic Mathematics and enhance his numerical abilities. It helps the students not only inside the class room or traditional academics, but it also enhances the IQ by enhancing the analytical skills and thought processes. This happens cause the system is very coherent and intuitive and uses both sides of the brain thereby giving the student the winning edge.

It is very satisfying to see young children’s eyes brighten when they see and learn the Vedic system and techniques. To know more about these Vedic Mathematics methods and tutorials visit

This Article is by Gaurav Tekriwal, The President of the Vedic Maths Forum India who has been conducting High Speed Vedic Math Workshops for the last five years and has trained over seven thousand students across the world in the field. He is an expert in the field and revolutionizes the way children learn math.

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