Shifting of the capital city is for political mileage, not for people

Shifting of the capital city is for political mileage, not for people
• The state is at loss with Govt’s insanity
• Chief Minister taking decisions keeping cabinet in dark
• Fight to identify Jagan’s selfish motives
• Worst thought of divide and rule policy
• Janasena Party will support farmers’ agitations
• Janasena PAC chairman Sri Nadendla Manohar says at the fast camp organized in support of Amaravati farmers

Janasena Party Political Affairs Committee (PAC, chairman Sri Nadendla Manohar has alleged that Chief Minister Jaganmohan Reddy was shifting the capital city from Arnaravati only for his political mileage. He criticized that the chief minister is acting with the worst thought of divide and rule policy and the State should not become a scapegoat for the insanity decisions of the government. They could not stop the agitations with arrests and assured that lanasena Party would extend its support to the capital city farmers, who were agitating with hunger strikes for the past 22 days.

Janasena Party Supports Farmers Hunger Strike

Janasena Party organized a mass hunger strike at Punja Centre in Vijayawada West AssembN constituency on Wednesday morning in support of striking farmers. Sri Pothina Venka. Mahesh, Vijayawada West constituency in-charge and party official spokesperson initiated the protest program. Sri Nadendla Manohar and Janasena party senior leaders and workers participated in the protest, while the other party leaders expressed their solidarity to the program. Speaking on the occasion, Sri Nadendla Manohar said “It is not an ordinary issue for farmers, who gave 33,000 acres of their lands voluntarily for the capital city.

It is a great sacrifice as theY land ignoring the future of their children. But the government is insulting the .crifices of the farmers. The people must thwart the attempts of the government making false propaganda stating that there was inside trading in Amaravati, family members of one individual got benefited and one political party gained profit in the capital deal. If the inside trading has happened, the government must have ordered an inquiry into the scam and punish the culprit In seven months.

The inefficiency of the government is crystal clear as it failed to do it, he added. • Who will trust the Chief Minister, who is going back on his decisions, Sri Nadendla Manohar said “the Chief Minister, who had demanded 30,000 acres I or the capital city when he was in Opposition, has gone back on his demand after becoming the chief minister. Why shall people trust this person who Is changing his own decisions? How will the State attract investments? How will the development take place? There is not even one single developmental activity using a bag of cement in the past seven months after he was sworn in as chief minister. Youth wants employment, farmers want the support price and women want security. Setting all the. priorities aside, the leaders are creating conflicts among the three regions for political mileage.

It shall have taken the opinion of all-party leaders if the government has decided on shifting of the capital city. It shall have given assurance to the farmers by talking to them after its decision. It shall have taken a decision which Is amicable to all after discussing the Assembly. A typical situation has prevailed in the State that the Chief Minister has taken a decision over capital city keeping his cabinet colleagues in total dark,” he said. • They are trying to create conflicts between the regions Sri Manohar said “the government is trying to get political mileage by creating conflicts between the regions North Andhra, Rayalaseema and Krishna, and Guntur districts.

Is it possible to shift the High Court which is located in Amaravati to Kurnool? How will the government make a prom? on the issue which is under the purview of the Centre? Have you gone through the rules mentioned In the laws? The government is trying to camouflage people by making promises on impossible things. Are you wanted to satisfy people of one region by ditching people of another region? The government must announce its stand on its policy if it has real guts and courage.

The chief minister shall react and explain to people how the State will get benefit from shifting the capital city. He shall institute a sub.cornmittee to know the sentiments of the people. He shall ensure people after talking to them. He must not try to trick people by Issuing statements that there will be enormous growth with three capital cities. Anyone will stop you if you are intended to develop the three regions,-

• This situation never prevailed even during the times of kingdoms The Janasena Party PAC chairman this “the Members who have given 33,000 acres for the capital city are called as “paid artistes- and they were insulted by foisting false cases against them. The police personnel is providing high security using nets. cloths by keePing two Policemen ln in front of each house when the Chief Minister convoy is passing through the roads of the capital city. I have never seen such a situation in any State in the country.

There are no such instances even during the rule of kings and royal dynasties. People have voted for you keeping trust on you, you need. to keep up that trust. Janasena patty Chief Sri Pawan IMIyan had already warned that the party will not keep silent if the government Med cases against the farmers thinking that police machinery in i. control. These suppress. methods are not good for a democratic set-up. The Members shall be allowed to express their grievances, he added.

• Have you given a single new pension..? He said “the government has complied seven months of ruling and it did not take up a single developmental program till now. When lagan Mohan Reddy assumed charge as chief minister he had made his first signature on old age pensions and he had promised. to provide new pensions from January 1. Even a single new person is given until now.

He assured us to give Rs 24,000 per year to the weavers who have their looms. When there are 2.60 lakh families of weavers, the government has announced to give pension to only 70,000 people. The government is imposing restrictions on every scheme and depriving real beneficiaries of welfare schemes. The government has not taken up even a single scheme which is useful to the people. OoN work TheY have done in The State is Painting YCP colors to the government office buildings; he ridiculed.

It’s not the decision taken between four walls Sri Nadendla Manohar mid -Jana. Party has clarity over capital city issues. The party has decided that the capital city must be located in one place. Party president Sri Pawan Kalyan had decided to this effect after consulting with people’s representatives, experts and people of three regions. It is not a unilateral decision taken between the four walls of air-conditioned rooms as the government did. It had consulted all the stakeholders before taking a decision.

No one will get injustice with this decision. Keeping in view that our decisions shall Instil courage among the people not insecure feelings, the party has taken the decision. Even the farmers have sacrificed their lands voluntarily considering the capital city is ours, he mid and assured that Janasena party would extend its complete solidarity to the agitations of the farmers.

Janasena PAC member Sri Bonaboyina Srinivas Yadav, party secretaries Sri Gadde Tirupati Rao, Sri Chillapaill Srini.s, Party leaders Sri Bathina Ramu, Sri Muthamsetty Prasad Babu, Sri Akkala Gandhi, Sri Kamatham Sambasiva Rao, Sri Panchakarla Sandeep, Sri Pakanati Goutham, Sri Pedapudi Kumar, Sri Nayub Kamal, Sri Mani, Sri Chenna Srinivas, Sri ikkurthi Lakshmi Narasimha, Sri Ammisetty Vasu, Smt Ravi Soujanya, Sri Ajay Varna, Amaravati Parirakshana Samithi leader Sri Sivareddy and others participated in the hunger strike. Leaders of several political parties and several union leaders and representatives extended their solidarity to the fast camp.

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