Post Office New Schemes, Deposit Saving Amounts %Rates

Post Office New schemes. After many changes in post office branches, added more technology, more services. provided the best services to the customer for long. now introduced a brand new scheme which helps customers, who are looking for saving, SIP, Mutual funds. invest money, expect return with high-profit margins. On the one hand, banks are cutting interest rates per transaction. after linking with Pan card every transaction tracked. Depositors are looking for other ways to save money.

Post Office New Savings Scheme Percentage Returns

Looking for Alternative Bank savings. In this manner, it is advisable to deposit in the post offices. it will get good profits in expected dates Postoffice Small Savings Schemes have higher interest rates than banks. The Small Savings Scheme offers an interest rate of 4 to 8.6%.

customers can get high returns in safe hands. The interest rate varies depending on the schemes. Everyone can get the best additional services results when investing in banks, Postoffice offers three amazing schemes for those who want to deposit of 5 years or more. Post Office Schemes here provided details wise, have a look choose wisely to invest.

National Savings Certificate (NSC).

NSC Post Office scheme encourages customers to save more, Deposits of this scheme have now yielded 7.9 percent interest per annum calculate. This interest will be credited to your account once a year for sure. You can also deposit Rs.100 in this scheme by under the National Savings Certificate plan. What is not even the maximum limit for the scheme. The New Savings scheme has a maturity period of five years. Tax benefits also apply to this scheme under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act. Interested guys can check more details near the Branch office. or ask ur questions below.


Post office Time Deposit Account Savings SIP Type Investments

Time Deposit saving the same as SIP Model. as we know many companies HDFC, Kotak, Canara, State bank of India provide SIP Plans. Interest in the Post Office Time Deposit Account is credited to the account every three months. Intrest money can get almost 8%. Currently, the scheme pays up to 6.9% for beginners. However, it is paid once a year. At least Rs 200 should be deposited in this account. it will valid for all age group depositors. There is also no maximum limit for this. This account can be held for up to five years. Tax benefits are also included in this plan.

Kisan Vikas Document (KVP) Plans

Kisan Vikas Post Office Scheme plans will maintain a higher amount of savings. The scheme also offers a 7.6 percent interest rate. KVP Plans Each year the interest is credited to the account. However, at least Rs 1,000 should be deposited on circle mode. There is no maximum limit for this scheme as well for deposit under one account. The amount of money invested in this scheme will double over 9 years and 5 months. No particular age group for this scheme. everyone can invest in this savings plan. It’s too late. Deposit money under any of these three schemes. Get profits with good interest. Indian Post office invites more investments.

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