Pawan Kalyan tours in Mandadam, Velagapudi and Tulluru villages

Farmers didn’t lock up in jail for 17 months How will Govt frame cases against them?

Farmers did not go to jail by floating suitcase companies
Jagan Reddy’s love not towards people of north AP, he eyed on their lands
TDP leaders must hold responsibility for farmers’ agitation
Move forward with the slogan “Jai Andhra —Jai Jai Andhra” .
They spoiled the State in the name of “One chance – Only one chance”

Janasena Chief Sri Pawan Kalyan tours in Mandadam, Velagapudi and Tulluru villages. Janasena Party president Sri Pawan Kalyan has alleged that Jagan Reddy was spoiling the State after getting votes by appeasing people to vote for him asking them to give “one chance – only one chance” and called for people to teach a lesson to the leaders who .re creating regional conflicts. He a. called upon the farmers who were agitating against the shifting of capital city from Amaravati, to change their slogan “Jai Andhra – Jal Jai Andhra” instead of Amaravati since Amaravati was not confined too. region.

Pawan Kalyan Speech Mandadam, Velagapudi and Tulluru villages

As part of his tour of capital city villages, Sri Pawan Kalyan visited Krishnayapalem, Mandadarn, Wiagapudi and Tulluru villages and emended solidarity to the farmers who were agitating for the past 14 days. He interacted with them and enquired about their sufferings in view of the uncertainty over the capital city. Speaking on the occasion later, Sri Pawan Kalyan said “the police tried to prevent me to enter the capital city villages when I came here to extend my solidarity to the agitating farmers. I do not have any displeasure against the constables who stopped me as they are acting as per directions they received from their bosses.

The police shall mend that the people’s representatives will come today and go tomorrow. It is a sin to ransack the houses of agitating farmers. The constables must say to their police bosses that they will not do such things. The farmers agitating for the capital city are not the persons who locked up in jail for 17 months. The farmers are not the persons who lavished life In jail by floating suitcase companies. There Is no caste or religion to the farmers who are leading a life with self-esteem,” he added.

• TDP failed to take the Amaravati development to the People

Sri Pawan Kalyan said “the then TDP government, which had conducted tours by arranging the bus. to show how the Polavaram works going on, had failed to take the Amaravati development reach to the people. The Telugu Desam Party has to be blamed for the circumstances that prompted farmers to go for agitations now. The TDP leaders must take responsibility in the agitation without saying “two-eye Principle or one•eye principle, he said.

• Amaravati Initiated with acceptance by all The Janasena Party Chief said “Amaravati capital city came into shape with Acceptance of all parties then. Even Jagan Reddy who was in Opposition then had extended his support to Amaravati as a capital city. The farmers would have not been given their thousands of acres of lands if he had opposed the proposal then. We can assume that he has some morality even if the YCP would have mentioned in his election manifesto stating that they will change the capital from Amaravati If it comes to power. Without stating anything, It is not fair to change the capital after winning 151 seats. People have paid deaf years as I voiced it several times before the elections stating that not to trust lagan, Reddy. The YCP leaders are playacting pretending that they have love towards north coastal Andhra. Where these YCP leaders have gone when thousands of acres were damaged in Srikakulam district due to Titli cyclone? Though the YCP chief, who was In neighboring district Virianagaram as part of his Padayatra did not pay a visit to console the affected farmers of Srikakulam district.

He never cared about thousands of deaths due to Kidney problems in Uddanam. Now, he is talking about the backwardness and future of north coastal Andhra Pradesh. It is not all love he has with the region, it Is love towards the lands located there,” he lamented. • they shall control their mouth Sri Pawan Kalyan war. that “the YCP leaders should control their mouth. Have they got a mandate of 151 seats to create conflicts between the religions and people? The minsters are Issuing different statements stating that they will give back the lands to the farmers.

How the farmers plow their lands without any boundaries. It is not appropriate for one government to procure lands while the other to reject the lands. The farmers have given the lands to the government, not to the political parties. It would have been better if Jagan Reddy proposed capital either in Visakhapatnam or Kurnool then itself. The farmers would have not been given their lands. The farmers gave their lands hoping equal development in all the regions; he added.

• A slapping answer coming soon

Sri Pawan Kalyan said “the YCP government shall not make even a single step forward without doing justice to the capital city farmers. The farmers who sacrificed their lands for the sake of capital city has a primary right to express their protest. If the government attempted to suppress the agitation, he will move to the court to continue the agitation. The tears of farmers are not good for the future of the State. The bad days have commenced for YCP for making farmers shed tears. We will soon give a slapping answer to everyone who is abusing the people of the capital city. My heart is heavily loaded with the sufferings of the farmers.

I am the part in the agitations by farmers. I will never stop my struggle until you continue your struggle. Farmers from all regions are extending support to farmers of Amaravati. The farmers n. to instill courage among themselves. I am saying with a pledge that Janasena Party will stay support to the problems and losses of the farmers,” Sri Pawan Kalyan assured. Sri Pawan Kalyan was accompanied by Janasena Political Affairs Committee (PAC, chairman Sri Nadendla Manohar, and others.

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