Pawan Kalyan Statement on Capacity City Delay

Janasena Party demands dear announcement on the capital city of Andhra Pradesh as where it wanted it to set up. The statements of YCRCP leaders are creating more confusion over the capital city.

No further delay on the capital city Govt must issue an official statement immediately.

The issues announced at today’s media conference at Tadepalli are prompting more disarray as it appears the government wanted to extend the confusion for some more time to convert the circumstances in its favor. They further extended the confusion saying that the capital city will be in Arnaravati itself at one point of time and it will be located at three places in another point of time. They mentioned several times that there was inside trading during the land acquisition in Amaravati. They already announced the details of those who resorted to inside trading. Since you are in power, you can file cases against them.

Why are you trying to kill the time with statements? They are repeating the same statements time and again. I would like to clarify to the elders in the government who had said that they are unaware why Pawan Kalyan was moving in the roads of Amaravati demanding not to take lands for the capital city then and keep the capital city here now. I had fought against the then government demanding not to use Land Acquisition Act against the farmers, who were not ready to give their lands and warned to intensify stir if the lands were acquired forcefully from the farmers. Now, I stood in support of farmers, who sacrificed their lands and came onto the roads.

I had never said even one word against the building of the capital city then. I questioned, had the government required 33,000 acres? I had feared about the future of the farmers who had given lands if there is a change of guard in the State. What I had feared then has now come into reality. You are well aware that Janasena’s fight will be there wherever there is iniquity in society.

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What Janasena wanted to do it is clear… there shall be centralized rule and development shall be decentralized. Janasena Party is looking for such a capital city. Y. shall clarify and announce such a capital city where it will be located either in Rayalaseema or in north Andhra. But, all people including the then Opposition leader Jagan Redcay had consented to set up a capital city in Amaravati. Similarly, the present capital city you are going to set up must have all people’s acceptance. Everyone including the Opposition parties shall give their consensus.

However, Janasena wanted to have a clear official statement without any further delay in the capital city issue. Because of people’s welfare, the delay is not at all desirable at this juncture. The fate of the capital city is hanging in balance due to the lopsided decisions of the rulers. Above all, the government must clarify how it is going to do justice to the farmers who had given their lands for building Amaravati. The leaders in the ruling party shall stop hide-and-seek game at least now in the name of committees and ensure that there will not be any regional conflicts.

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