Online Tax Payment: Guidelines for E Tax Payment

Online Tax Payment
Timely income tax payment is very crucial for all tax payers. Hence, the online tax payment facility is a very convenient way for all of us. It is also a boon for the collecting banks and tax deductors. Various taxes like interest tax, property tax, wealth tax, expenditure tax and other direct tax can be paid at the nsdl portal. This post focuses on payment of income tax. Step by step guidelines for online tax payment is given here.

We have already shared online ways of various mobile bill payments. Subscribers of idea, airtel and reliance mobiles can check our related posts. Not all users are savvy with the online bill payment procedures. Our blog guides users to pay their bills using online ways offered by different portals. Instructions and precise links to the official pages are shared for best understanding of all users.

This article guides you how to make income tax payment online at the tin nsdl portal. All necessary requirements to pay your tax is elaborated here. Income tax department offers online facilities to pay taxes and TDS online. Tax payers and deductors can also track the status of income tax return and TDS refund at the nsdl portal. In the case of excess TDS or income tax payment, a return is also filed online. Online tax payment can be a tedious procedure without knowledge of official nsdl pages. You can access the related pages directly by hitting the links from this post. Do leave your comments if you have any confusion for online income tax payment.

Online Tax Payment

Income Tax Payment Online Procedure: Corporation Tax Payment
Follow the step wise procedure and given links to carry out online income tax payment. The instructions are very precise and easy to follow.

STEP I – Fill up the Form / Challan

Click here for nsdl e tax payment Tax Information Network for e-payment.
To pay income tax online, select the challan number ITNS 280.
Type your PAN Card number. Pick the Assessment year or financial year from the given drop down menu.
To pay as an individual, click the button of 0021. To pay as a firm or a company, go for 0020 option.
Fill up all the mandatory boxes with required personal details.
Choose Self-Assessment Tax (300), if the assessment year for which you are paying tax is already over. If the year is running, go for the (100) Advance tax option.
If the demand for tax payment is raised by income tax department, choose 400 option. It is for tax on regular assessment.
Select your bank and click the Proceed tab.
At a second stage, you will be paying your tax amount online.

Income Tax Payment Online

STEP – II – Online Tax Payment Transaction

Once you fillup the challan 280 and proceed, you will be redirected to the net banking page. Fill up the income tax payment figure. You may leave the fields of education cess, surcharge, penalty, blank. Fill up the figure of interest if you are paying tax late.

After successful online tax payment, your challan 280 will appear on the screen. Your counterfoil will be seen at the left side bottom of the page. Do take a print out of your challan 280 or save it. No matter whatever tax you pay online, the respective challan will be generated after the successful transaction.

That is how you can pay your income tax online at the nsdl portal. Similarly, you can pay wealth tax and other direct taxes by choosing the appropriate option at tin-nsdl portal. The facility of online tax payment and online TDS is provided by the income tax department. This makes life very easy for tax payers and deductors. The procedure of online tax payment is a simple process which takes few minutes. It will be much easier after following the guidelines given in this post. Major payments like pay LIC online, electricity bill payments and mobile bills are updated on our blog. We have provided complete guidelines for online payments of these significant bills and premiums. Do not forget to check how to pay online bills of Airtel, Idea and Reliance. Visit to know how to pay your bills online.

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