Movement cannot be stopped with arrests.

Movement cannot be stopped with arrests. The government is acting provocatively while the farmers of the capital city are democratically expressing their protest. The behavior of police personnel with farmers at Chinakakani today is not at all acceptable. The government is trying to keep the farmers and women away from their protests by creating terror.

Janasena Party Political Affair Committee PAC

Janasena Party Political Affairs Committee (PAC) member Sri Bonabiyina Srinivasa Yadav is made house arrest today even before the beginning of the protest program. Party secretary Sri Chillapalli Srinivas was taken into custody showing no reason and he was shifted to the police station. If the government feels that they can stop agitations by these measures, it is a major blunder.

The government is doing injustice to the farmers who sacrificed their lands by shifting the capital city from Amaravati. What it appears that even the people of Visakhapatnam are not happy about executive capital. There is acute backwardness in Srikakulam and Vizianagaram districts in north coastal Andhra Pradesh.

Migrations are higher from these parts. The government has no such plans to develop these districts. Moreover. Visakhapatnam will be too long for the people of Rayalaseema to reach and it is too difficult to travel from Rayalaseema to Visakhapatnam. It appears the YCP government is not taking into consideration the strong opposition being expressed by the people of Rayalaseema. Moreover, change in the capital city is creating more hurdles even to the employees.

The employees who shifted from Hyderabad to Amaravati are now made arrangements to make their children study in Vijayawada and Guntur regions and they are settling down just now. They may be burdened if they are asked to shift their families again to Visakhapatnam. It is now becoming a ‘capital city of hanging in balance’ to all the regions. It is not giving satisfaction to all.

The residents of the Amaravati region wanted the capital city in the area where they sacrificed their lands for the purpose. The Maha Padayatra organized by the farmers and the women in the capital city area reflected their concern. The government shall realize that the people will take up agitations more strongly and vigorously if it attempts to suppress their protests sternly. Jai Hind

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