Make Payment Via Upay. Download U Pay Bill

Upay is one of the most popular payment services. UPAY With your mobile became trending in financial category. to make payment more simple introduced many UPay options. Top up your mobile in a much simpler way and enjoy uninterrupted phone services Online.

U Pay Payment Options. Download UPAY Pay Bills Instant

UPay Bankings brings you instant and stress-free mobile top-ups for Airtel, Etisalat, Hutch and Mobitel! Plus, you pay 5% less on top-ups when you pay with your UPay-linked bank account, ever Sunday this month. To pay education services introduced UPay is serious about bringing you daily conveniences. So we’ve teamed up with M.D Gunasena to simplify how you purchase your child’s book-list in the coming term. Select the school and grade using our app, pre-order by making an easy in-app cashless payment, and we’ll deliver the book-list right to your doorstep. Education bills also made pay through the UPay app.

Pay Health care Bills Via Upay.

On market many different types of payment options available here. Many UPI apps generating millions of payment ways online. Our busy lives demand a lot from us: strict deadlines at work, staying ahead of bill payments, family commitments, check various conditions home finances, and a seemingly endless list of responsibilities. It can get a bit complicated. UPI Payment easy banking services. Simple payment options can get ride hassle-free services. But your health and wellness needs don’t need to be! Can get the best additional services.

We’ve come together with Channelling so you can, now, choose from over 2,500 of the best doctors available on town in town, worry-free. Book an appointment in mere seconds with UPay, directly through your smartphone mobile devices. Introducing festival Offers The festive season is here to payout. But you need to remain healthy too. Worry not! With UPay, you can now make a doctor’s appointment directly through your smartphone. on special occasions offered many different types of plans available here. And get 15% off bookings made on your UPay-linked bank card, and 25% off bookings made through your bank account, every Saturday this month on services will make sure.

Some Tips by UPAY

Make payment before due date to avoid extra charges.
To make payment always use direct card details. Virtual cards will optional use.
Dont share any personal information, creditcard, dedit card details. Upay customer services/employees never ask for personal Infomation like VCC, Card Number, Expire dates.
Be aware online fraud system.
Be secure while using public places. Set strong Mpin always.

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