How to Download Whatsapp for iPad & iPhone – Install Free

How to Download Whatsapp for iPad & iPhone – Install Free

WhatsApp is one of the most used Social media service. The most trending texting app which is widely used across the world. Technology added with new security options WhatsApp is one of the most downloaded apps to date in google play store. As this app is so popular worldwide, USA, UAE, India WhatsApp users increased day by day. This app is available for every type of phone let it be an Android phone or even Symbian phones. Whatsapp is the most trusted, secure tool. But did you know Whatsapp has said that Whatsapp is not configurable with iPads so you can not download and install Whatsapp for iPhone/iPad Online?

Whatsapp for iPad Download Install

Ipad users can get additional benefits by using pads. Whatsapp has not given a perfect reason why it is not available for iPads. So it doesn’t mean that you will stop searching for the tricks to installing Whatsapp in your iPads because nowadays there is a solution for everything available on the market. here provided some tricks which will help you to install WhatsApp for pc and also how to install Whatsapp for iPad available for download and install easily without any problems. But let me be sure with you, that these tricks will need “Copy Trans App Free Beta” services in your PC through which you will be able to install WhatsApp on your iPad PC Download option services.

Download Install Whatsapp for iPhone/Ipad

Download and Install WhatsApp for iPhone/iPad: Everyone can use now all available services with iPhone/Ipad as WhatsApp is easily available for iPhone in the app store can get many more available options with all available ipad/iPhone services under basic download options. I will not share about the iPhone, but I will discuss briefly how to get WhatsApp installed on your iPads available. Here below are the secret steps to get Whatsapp installed in your iPads without any problem Online.

The first important thing you got to do for downloading WhatsApp app download for your iPad service is that you have to download “copy trans app free beta” from their genuine site”“After downloading the copy trans beta app on your PC. Download Install Options everyone. Install it in the normal way as you install the other third-party app on your PC. Now the main work starts with many services.

Get an iPhone where there is Whatsapp installed, verify your number. Now run the copy trans app on your PC Apps and connect your iPhone to your PC. Online Download Ipad After your iPhone is shown in the copy trans beta app on your PC Available online with limited data structure then click on the Whatsapp icon and then click again on the backup app which is present in the menu bar of the copy trans beta app service.

Download Whatsapp for IPad Now choose a partition of your PC hard disk where you want to keep the backup files of Whatsapp in your PC and click on the “OK” button. Save Settings/Preference for all data settings. There will be a pop-up notification for your confirmation, click on the “Ok” button. Wait for some moments to get all the backup of your Whatsapp in your PC.

Ipad Online download options for various reasons. Remember the file will be saved as IPA file. After the backup procedure is complete now disconnect the iPhone and connect your iPad in the PC. Features of iPhone/Ipad, Specification on time. As soon as the copy trans beta app list all your iPad app in the window, drag the backup file that has been saved in your PC system operations to the iPad apps list. Check Online updates There will be a pop up appearing in the screen again saying “Do you want to install 1 app”. Click on the “Ok” button. This is it, now you can even enjoy Whatsapp in your iPad and is very comfortable to chat with mates through the iPad.

Amazing Features of Whatsapp for iPhone/iPad:

Whatsapp has become a leading online text messenger only because of its features. Here I am going to list down some features that you can enjoy in your iPhone or iPad.
You can share photos, music, docs, contacts, location with your friends.
You can create groups where you can chat with all your friends together.
Nowadays Whatsapp also enabled calling facilities for free with the Whatsapp messenger app.
You can also change the background of your chats according to you.
If you are really disturbed with someone but you can’t block him/her then you can easily ignore it by making your chat silent.
You can also block the unknown person.
For different contacts, you can set different notification sound just by using custom notification features of Whatsapp.
Your chats are also encrypted as Whatsapp has brought us end-to-end encryption features.

So this is all the basic features of Whatsapp which have made it become the leading messenger company. Here above are the steps to download and install Whatsapp for iPhone/iPad and some basic features of Whatsapp that you can t can get on installing this app on your phone. I hope you have clearly got all the simple ways to install WhatsApp for iPad. Even though if you are having any problems do consult with me in the comment section below.

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