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Download Whatsapp for PC Laptop Windows 8.1/8/7 – Intsall Free, WhatsApp is an instant messaging app used by people of all ages around the world. It is a multi-platform app compatible for all kind of Smartphone platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows Phone. Besides availability on various mobile platforms, WhatsApp has recently introduced for Windows for PC as well. If you are wondering how to use WhatsApp for PC, I will be showing you the procedures to download and install WhatsApp on PC and also the famous Bluestacks method too.

Before we discuss about the WhatsApp downloading and installation procedure, let’s get a wide knowledge of WhatsApp instant messaging app and how it can useful to use in PC.

WhastApp and Its Useful Features:

WhastApp is a free messenger app that uses a internet connection to exchange real-time test messages, sharing various type of files including media files and PDF documents etc. You can even send voice notes or make a free call to your friends and family using WhatsApp, if they are also using this messenger app.

Using WhatsApp you can call anyone of your contact list absolutely free of cost. WhatsApp uses your active phone number for creating an account. Once you have created an WhatsApp account with your phone number, all the contact number will be automatically shown in the whatsapp contact list.

download whatsapp for pc

However, you can chat or call via WhatsApp only with those contacts that has an active WhatsApp account. WhatsApp uses only your phone number, so that you can have fun of this amazing messenger app without any username or PIN code.

WhatsApp comes with a wide range of useful features along with free chatting service. Lets have a glance on WhatsApp key features-

Multimedia – As I have already mentioned, WhatsApp lets you to send and receive multimedia contents like videos, images, documents, and voice messages.

Free Calls- Whatsapp lets you to ring up your friends and family’s phone without absolutely free of cost. No matter which country your friends reside in, you can simply cal him/her without any extra ISD charges. Only data charges may apply.

WhastApp web- This feature is for those who like to have fun of this app on a bigger screen like desktop and Laptop.
Group Chat- On whatsapp, you can create or join a chatting group where multiple whatsapp users can chat or discuss about anything, share multimedia files, etc.

All time logged in- Whatsapp keeps record of your inbox status even when your internet connection is off. So, whenever you get time or connected to the internet, you can check out your inbox seamlessly.

Additional Features- Almost forgot mention, whatsapp also very convenient in sharing your location and contact numbers, setting up background image of your choice, email chat history, etc.
There are about 5 billion satisfied users of whatsapp around the globe. The app is very light in weight, and currently owned by Facebook.

How to Download WhastApp for PC

#Method 1:

Using Bluestacks:

There are few ways to download WhatsApp on your PC easily which I am going share one by one. The first method to download WhatsApp on your PC is by downloading an emulator. Follow the step by step guide below:

#Step No.1

To get started with, you need to download an Android emulator on your PC. Android emulator is simply an application or program which can help to run Android apps easily on your PC. “Bluestacks” is such an amazing Android emulator which you can download in order to run Android apps on your PC.

install bluestacks

You can download the Bluestacks here.

#Step No.2

After downloading the Bluestacks, you can see an user-interface like Android phones with settings options and app drawer. All you have to do is, just find the search section within it and type “WhatsApp”. While typing you can see a dialogue saying “Search Play for WhatsApp” where you need to click, or you can simply click on the Icon, and you will redirected to Android Playstore. There you need tologin with your Google ID and password and you can see the page to download Whatsapp.


#Step No.3

Just hit the install option there and the WhatsApp download will get started soon. Just wait till the download is over and go to the app drawer section within Bluestacks.


There you can see the WhatsApp app icon where you need to click and open it. That’s it, you can now enjoy by using Whatsapp on your PC easily via Bluestacks anytime. Pretty easy right?

The best thing about using Bluestacks is that, you can not only use Whatsapp on your PC but can run most of the Android apps without any issue. So, you don’t have to buy any expensive phone for running any Android app anymore.

Pros and Cons of this method:

In case of advantages of this bluestacks method, firstly, you will be able to use WhatsApp on your PC’s large screen which can make your messaging experience even 2X better isn’t it?

Secondly, sometimes you stay busy in your office or any college work where you can only use your PC/Laptop, in such situations you can easily access whatsapp without breaking any rule like banned of mobile phone usage in office or classroom. Great idea!

Thirdly, using Bluestacks you can access another WhatsApp account so you will have total two WhatsApp accounts which is something great for some users. One Whatsapp app for your mobile and another on your PC. Additionally you don’t need any smartphone to use WhatsApp anymore, if you have an PC/laptop then you are ready to use

Bluestacks and other popular android apps easily.

In case of cons, sometimes users have to face frequent bugs and app crash issues in Bluestacks which may be a headache later. Another drawback of Bluestacks is, if anyone have your PC’s access then he/she can easily open Blustacks and then WhatsApp to see your private messages.
Now, if you want to know about any other alternative way to use WhatsApp for PC then let’s have a look on another method to download WhatsApp for PC.

#Method 2:

Using WhatsApp Web:

This second method is very simple comparing to the earlier one, and this method is best choice for those users who don’t want to download Blustacks or any other emulator on their PC. WhatsApp has officially announced the WhatsApp Web for PC which let’s you enable to use Whatsapp on your PC easily.


Prerequisites of WhatApp you must know for WhatsApp Web:

WhatsApp is undoubtedly an entertaining messaging app, but it becomes more entertaining when you can use it on your PC. The large display of your PC gives you an unbelievable experience while using and chatting with WhatsApp. But there are some prerequisites you must need to use WhatsApp on PC:

First of all you need to have an active WhatsApp account with mobile number verified. Along with an active account you need have the latest version of WhatsApp on your smartphone.
You need to connect both your smartphone and PC/Laptop wherever you want to use WhatsApp.
Please make sure you need have the latest version of web browser installed in your PC/Laptop, whether it is Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera or Safari browser whatever you are using.
If you meet the above mentioned requirements, now you are ready to use WhatsApp Web for PC. Follow the step by step instructions given below to know the procedure:

#Step No.1

First of all to get the WhatsApp option, you need to update your Whatsapp to the latest version available for your smartphone. After that you need have go to from your PC in which you wish to wWhatsapp.

#Step No.2

There you can see a QR code showing up which you need to scan using your Whatsapp app on your smartphone. After the scan is completed, you are ready to use WhatsApp on your PC without any further tweaks. Very simple right?

Pros and Cons of this method:

If we are talking about the Pros of this method, then WhatsApp Web was officially released by WhatsApp so you can rely on it, there are many other features which WhatsApp are planning to bring in upcoming days which you can enjoy. It helps you to use and track your messages while using your PC in your office or classroom. So no more late replies!

In case of Cons of this method then, currently WhatsApp web is available for Android and Windows users only, which can be a major drawback for you if you are an iOS user.There are some users who are complaining about bugs and app crashes which yet to be solved. Another thing you should keep in mind that your device need to be connected for all the time in order to use WhatsApp feature.

Unlike the Bluestacks method mentioned above, you need to have WhatsApp app both on your PC/laptop and on your smartphone. Sometimes the message notification may irritate you while you are doing any important work.
So, these are two best ways to use WhatsApp for PC which you can try. Both of the methods are completely safe and you don’t have worry about the privacy issues. I hope you have liked this detailed guide on WhatsApp for PC and you are surely going to try these methods. Thank you for reading this guide.

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