Capital city left as a game for ruling party

Capital city left as a game for the ruling party
• Affection on lands…not on people
• They cheat even North Andhra and Seema people too
• Tears of farmers and women destroy them
• Police machinery is made to stoop down to the level of making hooliganism
• The leaders behave like this when they became conceit
• Employees’ unions must extend solidarity to capital city farmers
• Going to Delhi tomorrow… Brief the Central leadership about capital city farmers’ plight • Janasena won’t take rest till the collapse of YCP
• Amaravati… will be given the status of the permanent capital city
• Janasena Party Chief Sri Pawan Kalyan declares at a meeting with capital city farmers and women

Janasena Party president Sri Pawan Kalyan has announced that Janasena Parry would not take rest till the collapse of the YCP government, which resort. to cane-charge on the farmers who sacrificed their lands for the capital city. The hits on the women, farmers and different, disabled persons would lead to the complete destruction of the YCP, he said and added that capital city status would be brought back to Amaravati even Jagan Reddy set up three capitals or 30 capital cities. Farmers and women from the capital city villages paid a visit to Sri Pawan Kalyan on Tuesday afternoon. He Interacted with them and enquired about their problems. He moved deeply after hearing the plights of farmers, disabled. persons and women who were injured in the lathi-charge•

Speaking on the occasion, Sri Pawan Kalyan said “the lathi-charge on farmers and women has moved me deeply and made me teary. It is inhuman that the police personnel made a lathi charge on a disabled person who even cannot speak properly. The government ma. you spill blood though you have sacrificed your lands for the capital city making the future of your children at stake.

They did not even leave the women as they were attacked barbarously and made them shed tears. The Individuality of the YCP is full of hooliganism and faction culture. We need to ensure that this party shall not grab power in the future. We work with Amaravati Protection Committee for the sake of the capital city,The added. • Will they shift the capital city if they owned lands, Sri Pawan Kalyan said “about five crore people have taken a decision In unison to develop Amaravati as a capital city. The farmers of the capital city did not give their lands by just trusting one single person as they have given the lands by trusting the government.

Today, the government has cheated the farmers, who sacrificed for the sake of the capital city. instead Of recognizing their Sacrifice, the words used to abuse the farmers are so painful. The government shall initiate action against the culprits if there was inside trading in the capital region. But the YCP government has changed the capital itself. It would have not been changed the capital city if the YCP leaders have owned lands here. They changed the capital city to Vizag because they had owned lands there. There is even one instance where no government survived which made farmer who lives in the mud in his entire life to shed tears

• The individuality of Police Department has killed The Janasena Party president .id “they made the police department to stoop down to the level of making hooliganism arid the individuality of the police personnel is literal, killed. It is unfortunate that the police department too followed the thoughts of the government. The police prevented me when I tried to console the Injured farmers yesterday. About 400-500 Pon. forces round. uP and besieged the Mangalagiri party office.

The police officers in the level of DIG have been deputed to make house.arrest and they prevented the party leaders to come out for five hours. We can break the police forces if we real, wan. to do it. The YCP leaders wanted a tussle as their hooligans are ready outside to resort to stone-pelting in the guise of Janasena workers. I maintained restraint not to give to such a chance to them, he .1d. • YCP shall feel great even if one M. gets elected Sri Pawan Kalyan said “capital city became a game for YCP leaders as They are doing all nonsenses.

They are throwing capital cities like food packets and are suffering from arrogance. Amaravati will be the permanent capital city for Andhra Pradesh whether they accepted or not. Elections are expected within two-and-half years. We will bring back the capital city, which has gone from here without hurting people of any region. I do not have any fears that my party will effect if I support it. the capital region. Because I trust in the dharma (righteousness), which will always protect us. Today, they cheat. the farmers of the capital city. Why they will keep silent without cheating the people of Rayalaseema and north Andhra tomorrow, They have more affection for their lands than that of people. People shall give a verdict in such a way that the YCP shall feel that getting even a single seat is a big task in the future. would like to clarify, the YCP leaders that I will bear any type of abuses thrown against me by Kakinada MLA, but I will retaliate and counter every word in their abuses, he warned.

• Express solidarity to farmers Sri Pawan Kalyan has asked the employees of the secretariat to extend their solidarity to the capital city agitated and support people in the time of crisis. They should not believe In politicians and the political system as the governments will stay today and disappear tomorrow. But, people are permanent and they should trust them and support their cause. They should take part in the movement like Telangana secretariat employees who participated in the agitations during the separate State movement. There is a division among the people on the lines of castes, religions .d regions, the secretariat employees should participate in the movement keeping aside all these differences, he added.

Capital city foundation stone laid by PM Sri Pawan Kalyan said “Amaravati is the permanent capital city and Bharatiya Janata Party and Janasena Party have committed for it. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had laid the foundation stone for Amaravati. Respecting it, both the parties have taken a decision united,. warn going to Delhi tomorrow. I can’t say that miracles will happen, but I will explain our concerns to the leaders at the Centre. I will make strong efforts to prevent YCP from coming to power.

They will not rule the State for a long time as the leader of the anti.people attitude has to destroy complete,. Any government will start rule with laying foundation stones, but YCP government began its rule with demolitions. It is certain that the government which started rule with demolitions, will definitely fall .wn, he warned. • I won’t play dramas for the sake of photos Sri Pawan Kalyan further said “Janasena party will never do opportunistic politics and do politics which will do well to the p.ple. I visited to meet the then Prime Minister candidate Sri Narendra Modi because he liked the ideology of the Janasena Party. But I never visited Delhi to ask to waive cases pending against me. I won’t play drarnas for photos and create a hurry by visiting ten times. You will see results in the future and I tour in the capital city villages whenever I visit Vijayawada. I will do agitations to the level as the people shall remember Janasena Party whenever they are in trouble.

I am giving a word today that Andhra Pradesh’s permanent capital city will be Amaravati. Janasena and EDP will take responsibility no one can shift the capital city from Amaravati, he assured. • Unable to understand whether they are police or hooligans, say capital city farmers The farmers and women who spoke earlier said “the police personnel has beaten us indiscriminate, even we told them that we protest peacefully and not go inside the Assembly. They dragged us long distances and some miscreants joined with us and resorted to stone-pelting. There are no farmers among the stone. pelting mob. We all promised that we will not cross the line, but they did not heed our voice. Some persons in the civil dress gave directions and the .

he personnel made baton charge indiscriminately. Even the women are dragged in a barbaric manner abusing us using unparliamentary words. We don’t know who is beating us whether the police or goons as their language is totally, different. The police behaved like goons, the women said. The farmers said they have been tied with ropes and whisk. away as they are not looking like policemen who protect people. Even they t.k away our drinking water bottles and thrown into canals in an inhuman manner, the farmers explain.

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