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• Creating conflicts between regions to gain mileage in local body polls
• Will you enforce a decision taken between the four walls of the people?
• Will you terrorize people with unplanned decisions?
• Jagan Reddy who has no time to hear people’s issues is disqualified as CM
• Janasena Party condemns arrest of JAC leaders
• Janasena Party also prevented in the same manner
• They laid fencing wires when Sri Pawan Kalyan visited capital city villages
• Amma Vodi scheme lacked transparency
• Janasena PAC chairman Sri Nadendla Manohar says at a media conference

The TCP government has created regional conflicts to gain mileage in the local body elections by diverting people’s attention, Sri Nadendla Manohar, chairman of Janasena Political Affairs Committee (PAC) has said. lagan Reddy who has no time to hear the grievances of the people what eligibility he has to hold the office of the Chief Minister. Janasena. Party was condemning the government action preventing the Bus Yatra of Amaravati Pariralmhana committee, he said, addressing a media conference at Janasena party office in Vijayawada on Thursday.

Govt must come down over Amaravati issue, have a dialogue with farmers

Speaking on the occasion, Sri Nadendla Manohar said “as responsible political parties it is our prime duty to bring the intensity of the problem to the notice of the people by creating one common platform when they are facing troubles with the unintended decisions of the government. Janasena party is responding to the people’s issues from the beginning whenever the issues brought to our notice by the people.

The government tried to prevent the agitations launched on behalf of the people earlier also on several occasions. It tried to stop long march in Visakhapatnam by not giving permissions. It also attempted to prevent when the party organized face•to•face with farmers to know the problems of tomato farmers in Madanapalli. When Sri Pawan Kalyan began his tour to console the farmers of Amaravati on December 31, the police have laid fencing wires at every village. to prevent him to enter the villages.

The Janasena Party will continue to agitate until a change in the mindset of the government takes place from taking thoughtless decisions. Everyone has the responsibility to express protest In a democracy. It is so painful that the government is not creating a situation where people are not given a chance to submit even a memorandum to express their grievances police must behave with patience and consciousness as they must not suffer the farmers who are providing food to us; he added.

• Will people have to vacate their villages when CM’s convoy is passing? Sri Manohar said “it is astonishing to note that the villagers are asked to vacate their villages when Chief Minister’s convoy is passing. Jai, Reddy, who himself makes high. level aims that he has completed 4,000 kilometers of Padayalia, how he distanced himself from people &Mg no time to hear grievances? How will you continue to hold the office of the chief minister when there is no time to meet people? You must come down over the Amaravati issue and have a dialogue with the farmers to ensure support between the regions.

You are terrorizing people by taking thoughtless and goalless decisions for self. happiness. When you are making decisions, you no to consult and consider every stakeholder. The farmers have given their lands with good heart hoping it will be helpful to the State. But you have Ignored their sacrifices and It is not fair to trouble them. There shall be a debate on the issue without any hesitation. People’s representatives, ministers, and officials have to approach the per. and tour all the villages.

Your decision must be announced only after thoroughly discussing it with the people. Janasena Party will certainly oppose if the government to enforce its unilateral decisions taken between the four walls on the people. The party will stay support to the farmers until the farmers get justice. Janasena Party chief Sri Pawan Kalyan will reach Vijayawada today evening and we have already discussed the plan of action for the next one week on the agitation programs. Janasena party leaders are participating in the programs initiated by the Joint Action Committee JAC). Janasena party will extend its solidarity to the farmers in a similar manner,” he added. • Chief Minister is changing his words frequently over ‘Amma Vodi’ Sri Manohar “Amma Vodi scheme has lacked transparency and the chief minister Is changing his words daily basis. People must realize that the chief minister Is making ‘U-turn’ over the scheme. He has promised to apply the scheme to every child during the elections, but now he is saying It applies to only one child. The government is asking a loner from the electricity department to become a beneficiary under the Amma Vodi scheme.

The people are roaming around several government offices for certification. of proof. They had announced there will be around 65 lakh beneficiaries, but they confined to only 43 lakh now. A state of confusion prevailed on how many people are going to get the benefit. On the other hand, the government is announcing to allocate funds to all people. But it is creating hurdles like certificates at every stage and rejecting some p.ple causing great Inconvenience to the p.ple. They say that the theme does not apply to the children of contract and outsourcing employees. If the government has real intention to become a savior of the poor and backward classes, it shall develop government schools as 67 percent of schools did not have compound walls and toilets, libraries and even staff rooms. The future of the next generations will. benefited If the government schools are developed,

• Funds of corporations diverted

Sri Nadendla Manohar said Janasena party would oppose diversion of funds allocated for school students. How will the government spend the funds for its political gains? The funds of SC, ST Corporation, BC Welfare Corporation, and Kapu Corporation have been deserted for executing the Amma Vodi scheme. What about the welfare schemes of these corporations? How the government will. Justice to these deprived classes, he asks.. The media conference was attended by PAC member Sri .naboyina Srinivas, secretary Sri Chillapall1 Srinivas, Party official spokespersons Sri Pothina Mahesh, Sri Akkala Rammohan Rao, party leaders Sri Bathina RAmu, Sri Ammisetty Vasu and others.

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